Welcome to Tradesmen Construction Company

        Tradesmen Construction Company offers construction services for most all your building needs from kitchen rebuilds to log cabin assembly. We're your one-stop shop for both commercial and residential construction jobs including roofing, masonry, and home remodeling.

        The owners/builders at Tradesmen represent years of experience in providing exceptional craftsmanship driven by customer care services for client referrals and repeat business. Tradesmens’ scope of services and referral projects has crossed over to multiple service divisions:

  • Business and Commercial Properties
  • Institutions
  • Residential
  • Church and Historic Building Restoration


Tradesmen's expertise covers a variety of trade skills:


               Building Restoration & Renovations

                               Churches and Historical Buildings

                           Marble and Stone, Architectual Millwork,    

                           Metal Work, Mosiacs

                       New Construction

                            Log Houses, Metal Structures,

                          Storage Buildings

                 Structual Repair/Replacement

                     Roofing, Concrete, Waterproofing,


           Creative Floor Design

                      Wood, Ceramic Tile, Stone, Marble

                 Decorative Wall Surfaces ,,

                              Murals, Faux Finishes, Tile, Plaster

                 Residential Remodeling

                        Kitchens, Baths, Additions


                  Electrical Upgrades

                         Interior and Exterior Lighting, Sound System Upgrades